Shock ‘n Awe and the Children of Liberty

“The census is a count of how many people legally reside at the residence. The guvment has no business knowing your relationship to person 1 or your birthdate or your children’s relationship to your or their birthdates….”

This bit of wis-dumb from the local website of the Children of Liberty. These self-proclaimed offspring of Ms. Liberty met rush hour commuters yesterday afternoon with signs and chants of ‘Kill the Bill!”  There they were, all 60 of them, roaring  at the top of  their voice, ‘Kill the Bill!’  One would think that they could have spent that time with some other issue such as foreign wars.  Where were signs, “Out of Iraq and Afghanistan, now!” during this demonstration?

But no. After all, I would imagine that many supported George W. Bush in his idiotic Shock ‘n Awe adventure into Baghdad.  Many are Republicans disguised as ‘libertarians.’  By the way, it was 7 years ago yesterday, for those of us with memories for important dates.

Rather, there they were, all dressed nicely, shouting to kill the bill.  And why?  What is so damned important about this bill that drove this set of people to a  public demonstration? What’s the real driving force behind this display of ‘citizen uprising?’

Blade photo: The Children of Liberty, a conservative-libertarian group, organized the demonstration.

What do they have to lose if this health care bill is signed? How does this affect their lives, personally?  Or is it just the principle of it all?

Sadly, it seems to be a smörgåsbord of principles that these so-called ‘children of liberty’ serve up. Pick and choose.  Pick the ones that affect you, personally- like your wallet.  I suspect that it is their wallets that drive them to this display of  ‘liberty.’  Or hate of a black president. To me they are shysters- pimping libertarianism for their own purposes.

Today they demonstrate again downtown. ‘Kill the bill!’ will be heard, but nothing about endless foreign wars .  Libertarians my ass!


8 thoughts on “Shock ‘n Awe and the Children of Liberty

  1. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the bill will reduce the budget deficit and lower health costs. These people don’t realise that they ARE paying for the uninsured with higher health care costs as those with health insurance subsidise the uninsured. That’s why an aspirin costs $15 when you are in the hospital.

  2. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the bill will reduce the budget deficit and lower health costs

    Exactly! And that is precisely my point when I question the ‘motives’ of these demonstrators. Were they truly libertarians, rather than shysters mascaraing as libertarians, they would not be shouting at the top of their voices.

    Rather, as I suspect, they are right-wing Republicans who want to ‘kill Obama’ rather than the ‘bill.’

  3. Hello Muddy,
    Yes God forbid that we spend a Billion dollars for the health care of citizens of this country but not a thought on the Trillions spent on two wars halfway around the world that is bankrupting our country.

    A spot on and very good point that these people are already subsidizing the uninsured every time a hospital treats and forgives the dept and writing off the losses because the person treated has no money to pay. Then there is the cost savings of treating the disease instead of paying the lesser cost of preventive treatments so you address it before it becomes catastrophic. Many uninsured people cannot afford to go to the doctor on a regular schedule getting an annual physical but when they get so sick, they will show up at the emergency room when things get bad enough.

    An example being of treating and managing diabetes before you pay to have limbs removed that have been ravaged by diabetes. We are talking about a couple of small pills per day verses the operating room staff, hospital stay, rehabilitation with a prosthetic being trained how to use it…..and THEN start treating with the two pills everyday to manage the disease trying to keep what you have left….etc. Now of course this will all be on tax payer’s “Medicaid” because no insurance will take on this pre-existing condition.

    These Teabagger / Children of Liberty group of people do not have the foresight to look past their own noses. Instead of reading for themselves how the bill will reduce the budget deficit and lower health costs; they are satisfied to just spew out what has been spoon feed by others who have no clue themselves or who are paid to mislead all from the truth in the first place.

    Let’s hope more saner minds prevail.

  4. I think much of the nuttiness that’s that’s going around the country now is due to racism. Most won’t admit it, the exceptions being those hard-core aryan guys, but it seems to me most of these extreme groups are reacting to a black man in the white house.

  5. I think that a lot of the opposition stems from the fact that the Moonbats are promising to provide more government funded health care and at the same time lowering the federal budget. Pardon me for not being naive enough to believe them.

    The Anointed One made significant promises before Himself moved into the White House. Realists know that he couldn’t keep all of them, but those promises are being ignored. What The Anointed One is failing to do is get the US out of an active war state, cut military spending to a reasonable level, reduce the size (and hence the cost and control) of the federal government and repeal the misnamed patriot act.

    Just getting rid of the patriot act would win Himself a ton of support. Breaking up the homeland security department would get Himself several tons more. Himself could have used that garnered support to pass some meaningful health care legislation, like cost control and coverage of pre-existing conditions.

    Obama hasn’t done any of that, which is disappointing to say the least. Instead, federal government is larger and more controlling than ever, military spending is up and US troops are still being deployed into foreign countries.

  6. I really should post the vid cap from PBS’s War on Poverty Series where the Klan guy is saying “Don’t let them take away your guns…These people want more than equality…Blah blah blah”. The only reason I don’t is that I get enough crap from the “gun rights” clowns as is.

    EoK, let’s not forget that the people who are fighting this bill have trotted out the two most useful wedge issues, gun rights and abortion, to fight the bill.

    It really makes no sense to me since the possibility of a national health scheme has been proposed since TR’s time, yet it has never been adopted. This is even more amazing since a social welfare system would have been beneficial to the US economy. Despite this, the forces of reaction have been working to dismantle what little social welfare system exists in the US.

    My father, unfortunately, was one of those forces of reaction who learned too late the cost of not having a social welfare system. He was a physician who died broke in a nursing home since he had no adaquate pension system. What little exists of his “estate” will go to paying for his end of days.

    The ultimate upshot of this is that these people refuse to challenge their beliefs even when it proves harmful to them.

  7. The CBO estimates that the health care bill will reduce the deficit by 143 billion by 2019, and that number seems to be rising as they take into consideration new technologies for such things as diabetes and obesity; not to mention it would be another link in the chain to bringing US manufacturing back on a competitive plane with the rest of the industrial world.

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