Fifty-nine Thousand Nuns

Fifty-nine Thousand Nuns is a powerful set of women to deal with and the male-dominant Catholic Church has been having trouble lately reining in these outspoken women.  Once again the women are at odds with the male church.

The news from Catholic Online says,

Fifty-nine Thousand Nuns Oppose the Bishops on Health Care

WASHINGTON, DC (Inside Catholic) – “Don´t mess with the nuns!” is a comment I´ve heard over the years from cradle Catholics who were taught by them.  The question now arises whether the undecided Catholic members of the House will be influenced by the 60 nuns, each a leader of their religious order – who signed a letter to members of Congress urging passage of the Senate health care bill now before the House.

These 60 leaders claim to represent 59,000 nuns, and they make it perfectly clear they support the embattled president of the Catholic Health Association, Sr. Carol Keehan, who announced her support of the bill a few days ago.

The letter calls the Senate bill “imperfect” but simultaneously claims it is “the REAL pro-life stance, and we as Catholics are all for it.”  The sisters call the bill “pro-life” in spite of the fact that thousands of the unborn will be aborted with the 7 billion dollars of federal money being given to community health centers, if the bill becomes law.

What the sisters extol is medical coverage for the uninsured; the end to denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions; support of pregnant women; as well as investment in preventative care and “community health centers that largely serve poor women and children.”  These are the same health centers that the bishops insist will spend federal money on abortion.

These 60 sisters not only reject the bishops´ concerns about the Senate bill but also call them  “false claims . . . the Senate bill will not provide taxpayer funding for elective abortions.”


False claim about abortions.  My, my, how often I have heard this ‘abortion’ claim in the past year.  FoxNews and the right-wing talking heads along with that bonehead Michigan representative Bart Stupak have waved the abortion card before the American citizens for months now, only to have Catholic nuns smack their knuckles with the ruler of truth.

Way to go, Sisters!


10 thoughts on “Fifty-nine Thousand Nuns

  1. Abortion and guns have been used to derail quite a few progressive issues in recent times. As I said to my mother when she asked, why are Americans fixated on abortion?”: It’s because otherwise they would have to actually do something.

    I have no love for Bart Stupak who spews prolife, yet is against gun control. Despite the fact that his son committed suicide with a firearm. As I said, if MADD has the same philosophy as the Gun Movement, they would hold keggers for teens. Stupak is a glaring example of that hypocrisy.

    Anyway, One should indeed listen to the nuns if they fail to listen to the leaders.

    Or maybe this is a matter of questioning authority! The lower level nuns out rule the opinions of the Cardinals and Bishops!

    I know this is taking the Father Ted quote out of context, but:
    “Nuns! nuns! Reverse! Reverse!”

  2. That ‘hypocrisy’ of which you speak is most glaring when thinking about the fundamentalist christians here in the States.

    They purport to be pro-life, but vote pro-death with every visit to the polling booth. Jesus weeps for them.

  3. Steve, which is good. I am glad the nuns are making their voices heard.

    And as the pro-health care crowd say, all US Citizens should be able to enjoy the same health care that the US Legislature is entitled to

    I wish J. Scalia and the other Catholics on the Supreme Court had listened to the Church’s teachings on gun control before he wrote DC v. Heller.

  4. But they’re just a bunch of nuns! Stupack said today that they don’t matter, he doesn’t listen to a bunch of nuns…only manly bishops and cardinals…..
    Anyone happen to read the “smoking gun” piece regarding Cardinal Ratzinger and those naughty altar boys who led the priests, bishops and cardinals astray yesterday in the Washington Post?

  5. I think when women speak about abortion, men should listen up.
    …but Mike that challlenges one of the most sacred tenets of masculine oppression…women are property. They are chattel, breeding stock.
    Sure if they want guns, well, that’s just cute. Run free little christian libewrated gun totin women…go shoot a moose and bring it home to daddy….NOW!

    Of course women have to have control of their own bodies!
    I just saw the Ohio Catholic Union ad which supports the Health care reform Bill…too bad that the focus of the ad is to refute the lies about the conservative claims that the bill funds abortions…
    The real stinger tht the Republicans will have to deal with is the new study that proves that the Bill will reduce the deficit…
    This is like placing an M-80 in theor ideological wallet…that’s the bottm line, that’s all these jerks really care abouit!

  6. I’m learning in my religious ethics class that the Catholic position on abortion is a lot deeper than the issues of pro choice -vs- women’s rights.. ect.. It’s sort of outlined in the ERD I linked to, but we’ve expanded on the points made in the ERD in my class and have had some really interesting, and sometimes heated discussions. It really goes to the issue of the sanctity of life. Catholicism is trying to hold the line on the continual assault on human rights and the cheapening of human life. It’s easy to distill the arguements down to just slogans “Right to Life”, “Pro Choice”, “A woman’s Body”.. but really the issue is much more than those things. I’m not saying that I’ve fully bought into the Catholic position.. I’ve always felt that there is much space for nuance in how to approach abortion. But like most things people can’t come to see any nuance in any issue, and everything must be seen in absolutes and black and white.

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