Shout-out Day

Although I have nary a drop of Irish blood in my body down my lineage to the 1600’s at least, I’d like to ‘celebrate’ St. Patrick’s Day by giving a few shout-outs to the usual dozen or so readers of this blog.

A Bon Jour to long-time reader and co-author Microdot, now a Francophile. He has an amazingly complicated and broad set of interests from heavy metal to gardening, from politics to cooking, history to art, and almost everything between.

A Howdy to a life-long friend, Up the Flag, now rooted in Mississippi.  As a professor of history he keeps this blog on the correct historical facts and often challenges us to regard politics as scam no matter which party is in charge of the White House.

Howdy to a faithful reader Engineer of Knowledge, living in Maryland.  Engineer not only is our dean of science but the only avowed Republican and, as such, lays bare the dastardly maneuverings of the current junta that has kidnapped the once-grand old party.

Lacy the Dog’s owner is the newest of the fearsome foursome who regularly visit and comment here.  He lives somewhere east of me and interjects interestingly proper satire when deemed necessary to the point of the comment.

Steve is an irregular-regular who lays interesting bits of wisdom upon us which give us pause as we search for meaning in our lives.

I would hope that Evil Poet would comment more frequently because we benefit from this interesting point of view.

There are several others who read this blog regularly, but are too shy to post any comments.  So I give a tip ‘o the green hat to the very Irish S.O., to J.V. and to D.L. for faithfully taking time out of their day to see what ‘stuff’ we are discussing here.


12 thoughts on “Shout-out Day

  1. Hello Muddy,
    Very kind words indeed and I want to say that I am very pleased to be associated with this very kind, intelligent, group that seeks knowledge and passes on their findings.

    Many could and would be enlightened by reading and informing themselves from our writings.

    Good Job To All.

  2. I’ve spent enough time in Ireland that I consider it a bit of a second home: although I try to keep the Orange Order souvenirs from my stints in Ulster hidden on St. Patrick’s day.

    Otherwise, I am of Scottish descent.

    And no kilt wearing on this day!

  3. My mothers family settled in America when Lord Calvert founded his Chesapeake Bay Colony with displaced Irish gentry at the time of Cromwell.
    My Fathers family came to America at the end of the American Civil War and the guys at Ellis Island had a very hard time figuring out how to write the family name…we are still trying to find the original spelling. Something like O’Huigch and it was pronounced by clearing your throat.
    My Irish blood gets in the way of my reasoning sometimes, but, that’s perhaps a very good thing.
    I would love to go to Ireland someday, I have quite a few Irish friends on the internet. My wife is half Irish and Scottish…the Irish half is an O’Leary.
    A few years ago, when someone would remark on my accent when I speak French, they would usually guess that I was Dutch.
    Now, perhaps my pronounciation has improved that more and more, I get asked if i am Irish, but then again, it just might be my name.
    Happy St. Patricks Day. I posted a great live video of the Pogues and the Dubliners from 1989 singing The Irish Rover!

  4. Well, as a direct heir of Ireland on my mother’s side I enjoyed a few shots of good Irish Whiskey. I needed it too. Spent the morning on a cat scan gurney for 30 minutes before and then after treadmill cardio
    exercise listening to the technician’s radio blaring a fundamentalist minister attacking Washington and “our secularist government”. She had told me to be very still and relax. LOL! As I lay there, I could only think, if M_R could only be here and give this lady a piece of his mind….

  5. “our secularist government”

    As opposed to…..?

    As you are home now from your stress test, I assume that you made it off of the table and are OK for a few more months. {I would have said ‘years’ but at our age, we dare not be so idealistic}

  6. Thanks for the shout-out! I’m sorry I missed it yesterday. I really enjoy reading and commenting here – there are so many POV on different things. I also wish I could comment more. Then again, all things considered, I feel lucky for what commenting time I do have. :-)

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